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Barbara The Big Dick Barbie

Added on February 13, 2017

You like blondes with big tits? Well, here's one.. AND she's got a big hard dick to boot! Speaking of boot, she's even got a nice big round booty to top it all off. And speaking of top, Barbara doesn't just like to get fucked.. She's versatile as they cum and loves giving as much as she does receiving! Watch Barbara and this lucky mother fucker fuck and suck each other silly in this one!

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Barbara and Raicca TS Threesome

Barbara and Raicca are a couple hot T-girls who love to have a good time. Watch these two give this lucky mother fucker one of the best nights of his life in this one. He's got one cock in his mouth and another deep inside his ass, while these two hot shemales go to town on him. You'll dig this one.

Duration: 36:36

Hot Blonde Suzy Screws Me

Ok, so it doesn't really get much better than this! Suzy's a hot blonde bombshell babe with huge guns and a fat cock to boot. This stunning T-girl has everything you could want in a TS and more. Not only does she love to suck cock and get her ass filled, but she also loves returning the favor and will stuff her big hard cock in your ass at the drop of a dime, so enjoy this one, it's amazing!

Duration: 25:15

Big Cock TS Isabelly Fernandes

Not many shemales out there with a cock like Isabelly Fernandes has! You're going to trip out when you see the size of the dick on this chick here. And she's got it all. A great face, nice tits, perfect ass and a huge cock to boot! Isabelly has the entire package going on here, no pun intended! Watch her get her tight little butt barebacked in this one.

Duration: 29:08